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Three days in to the stomach virus in our house
And I am checking every twinge
Was that nausea I feel?
What was that gurgling in my intestines?
Something sinister?
Heaven help the child who complains of anything abdominal;
It means quarantine for sure.
And constant watchfulness
And impertinent questions
Who’s in the bathroom?
What are you doing in there??

I have disinfected.
And disinfected again.
My hands are red and chapped from washing once more, just for good measure.
Sipped water one small sip at a time so as not to tempt the Fates.
Given up morning coffee in favor of peppermint tea.

Gone (slightly) stir crazy, just me and the four children,
One down, four carriers,
Trapped in the house.

The virus is coming from inside the house.